Survivalcraft Apk

SurvivalcraftGAME NAME: Survivalcraft Apk
FOR ANDROID: 2.2 and up
CATEGORY: Arcade & Action
DEVELOPER: Candy Rufus Games

New in Survivalcraft Apk
- Vivante GPU fix
Tegra 2 bugfix
Electricity bugfix
Pressure plates pickup bugfix
Blackscreen speculative fix


Survivalcraft was inspired by Minecraft, and owes much of its success to it. If you like this game, out of the respect for the creators of Minecraft, we urge you to try Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is also available in this store. This game however is not a copy of Minecraft. It takes certain ideas from it, expands on them and introduces concepts of its own into the mix. More than anything, it also pushes the boundaries of the block world genre on mobile platforms.


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