Aftermath XHD 1.7.1 (1 7 1) Apk

Aftermath XHD 1.7.1 ApkAPK NAME: Aftermath XHD
VERSION: 1.7.1
FOR ANDROID: 2.3 and up
CATEGORY: Arcade & Action
DEVELOPER: TwoHeads Games

New in Aftermath XHD 1.7.1 version:
* Further performance optimisations and other tweaks.
* Optimisations for Nexus 7 and similar form factor devices
* Improved touch screen responsiveness
* Add mappings for wired and bluetooth controllers (as supported by your device): Wired XBox 360 Controller, Wired PS3 Controller, GameTel, MOGA, etc
* Performance improvements across all devices, particularly low end devices
* Many other miscellaneous improvements.

Aftermath XHD isn’t your average twin-stick zombie shooter, it’s almost art. Illuminate your surroundings with real-time lighting never before seen on Android. Unique intelligent control system designed specifically for mobile devices.

Aftermath XHD 1.7.1 Apk

* In TileStorm highly addictive puzzles of path construction against the clock are great brain training as you guide Eggbot the Robot through a jungle of challenges. Pocket gold coins in TileStorm Eire as you need to slide the tiles to guide our robo hero from spire to castle on an Irish adventure in another beautiful brain teaser. Or bag a jewel or two in TileStorm Polar in a super new Tile Storm story. Free Lite version [Massive Hadron]
* Fight for survival & battle through a night in the city with a gun & torch as your only defense (defence) against an angry zombie hoard in Aftermath XHD. Attack or run? Your choice. [Two Heads]
* Glide through the air like a paper plane (or the birds!) as you race flying at high speed from tower to tower in Ground Effect Pro X HD. Enjoy virtual physics, acceleromoter control and stereoscopic 3D. [Glenn Corpes]
* Be truly challenged by Denki Blocks! Deluxe which The Sunday Times called “a Tetris for the 21st century”
* Slice, dice, cut, chop, pop and flick blobs of color goo in Mixt. Includes bonus MP3 music track by DJ Shur-i-kan to enjoy as you mix the bubbles of coloured paint [Uprising]
* Fun for kids and all the family alike. Farm fruit in Frootrees as you flick, throw and toss the Froot to harvest them using your poker skills to balance risk & reward. Just a hint of south park. Or try the Freaky Halloween Edition [Tin Man]
* A retro glow awaits you in Spirit – carve space with your touch.
* Face doodle like never before in Magnetic Shaving Derby [Nyarlu Labs]


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Aftermath XHD 1.7.1 Apk

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